The Civic Responsibility Project's team of experts is here to provide you and your company the advice you need to build and implement a successful program. Your company doesn't have to do every part of the program to make a difference, but here are the four aspects of a successful voter engagement platform.

1 Announce your commitment to Civic Responsibility.
2 Spread the word about voter registration.
3 Celebrate voting!
4 Give people the time they need to vote.

As a partner in this program, we will provide you a toolkit that has:

  • A suggested timeline for civic engagement programming
  • A set of best practices for communicating about voting
  • A calendar of voter registration, early vote, and absentee ballot deadlines
  • A guide for hosting voter registration and voting events
  • A guide for ensuring employees have time to vote
  • Vetted voter registration tools to use
  • Recommended nonpartisan nonprofits to work with
  • Sample emails for employees that can be customized to your brand
  • Sample social media posts that can be customized to your brand
  • Sample blog posts and press releases that can be customized to your brand

We will also work with your team to customize creative tactics authentic to your company's culture and mission.

To access the Civic Responsibility Toolkit, please contact us today!