A strong democracy requires the engagement of its citizens.

It’s our responsibility to help our consumers, employees, and community members make their voices heard.

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What We Do

The Civic Responsibility Project helps business, nonprofit experts, and local government leaders work to increase voter participation.

Comprehensive Planning

We help create comprehensive plans to encourage employees, consumers, and community members to fully engage as citizens in our democracy.

Engagement Strategies

We use extensive data and research to recommend effective engagement strategies.


We’ll help you establish a clear set of dates around which to organize programming in the most effective, cost-efficient way.

Our Mission

A country is only as strong as the engagement of its citizens -- and right now nearly half of all Americans are opting out of our democratic process every election. In fact, voter turnout in the last midterm election was the lowest midterm election turnout since World War II.

The result of sustained levels of disengagement and fierce partisanship is a democracy that fails to meet the demands of a 21st century society. This must change.

The Civic Responsibility Project's mission is to support businesses committed to shifting cultural attitudes about civic participation, fostering a healthy and hopeful civic culture.

Our Principles

Democracy is stronger when everyone participates. When we all have some skin in the game, that direction can lead to greater prosperity for all.
Businesses should play an active role in encouraging civic participation among employees and customers.
Consumers and employees should have access to a well-functioning election system that is fair, and free from fraud or error.
We support corporate actions and public policies that secure our elections and ensure a fair and open process so that all eligible Americans may have their voices heard.
The freedom to dream, innovate, create a better future is not just a defining characteristic of business, but also of democracy.

Research Shows

64 Percent

64% of Americans think CEOs should take the lead on change rather than waiting for government to impose it.

Source: Edelman Earned Brands

81 Percent

81% of Americans would be more likely to recommend goods or services from companies that support civic engagement.

Source: Democracy Works

81 Percent

81% of Americans prefer to buy from companies that support democracy.

Source: Democracy Works

91 Percent

91% of Americans say that the right to vote is essential to their sense of freedom and 60% want it to be easy for every citizen to vote.

Source: Pew Research Center

Get Involved.

Low civic participation has led to perpetual disillusionment with our government and a democracy that fails to meet the demands of a 21st century society. Our democracy can only survive to the extent it is reflective of the population in this country.

Join the coalition of businesses nationwide getting involved in the effort to increase voter participation in America.

Setting a Good Example

Businesses all over the country are getting involved in the effort to increase civic participation. Click on each logo to learn more about what companies are doing to get their employees and consumers engaged.

Advisory Board

Our team of advisors is made up of brand experts, and media mavens, and political operatives from different ends of the political spectrum. We're working together on to solve this important problem because voter participation is not a partisan issue.

Victor Nguyen-Long

Creative Strategist and Former Brand Manager, Nike and Audi

Liesl Hickey

Founding Partner, Ascent Media

Gerrit Lansing

Co-Founder of Revv, Opn Sesame / Partner, IMGE.com

Emil Hill

Senior Vice President, Powell Tate

Charlie Sykes

Contributing Editor, The Weekly Standard / Contributor NBC, MSNBC

Ashley Spillane

President, Impactual LLC. Former President, Rock the Vote

Adam Conner

Fellow, Harvard Institute of Politics / Former Government Affairs for Slack and Facebook

Adam Ambrogi

Elections Program Director, Democracy Fund

Brett Loper

Senior Vice President, American Express; Former Chief of Staff, Rep. John Boehner

Katrina Gamble

Senior Advisor to Democracy is Good for Business; Founder, Sojourn Strategies, LLC

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